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Does Flat Rate Realty offer the same Buyer Agent services as other Real estate Brokerages?

Yes, Flat Rate Realty offers the same Buyer Agent services as other Real Estate Brokerages.

Some of the many Flat Rate Realty Canada Buyer Agent services include:



  • Advise you on Mortgage Pre-Qualification

  • Help you locate homes in areas & neighbourhoods in your preferred price range via our links to online tools

  • Arrange all appointments for Viewings

  • Prepare a detailed Market Analysis on properties

  • Prepare all paperwork & Offers & Counter Offers

  • Negotiate the best price & terms on your behalf

  • Closely monitor all Time - Lines & dates

  • Assist you with all Inspections

  • Prepare & negotiate all amendments as required

  • Transaction coordination with Lawyers & Banks

  • Monitor transaction through until closing day


At Flat Rate Realty Canada, our entire business philosphy is based on a relationship of trust & satisfaction with either buyers or sellers. Unfortunately, as is quite prevelent in the Real industry today, many buyer agents will want you to sign a Buyer Brokerage Agreement with them, obligating you to be contractully bound to them whether or not the relationship is a good match or not.


The Nova Scotia Real Estate regulator ( NSREC ) has said that the Buyer Brokerage Agreement will be mandatory as of Jan 1 2017.


At Flat Rate Realty Canada, up until Jan1 2017 we do not require you to sign & be contractually bound to a Buyer Brokerage Agreement contract with us. After Jan 1 2017 it will become mandatory that all buyers sign the agreement. Either way, we are very confident that you will be happy with our knowledge, experience and most importantly, no sales or pressure tactics. We don't like it when it happens to us, and we would never do it to any of our clients or customers.


Although the Buyer Brokerage Agreement is not mandatory until until Jan 1 2017, we have included a PDF copy of the current Buyer Brokerage Agreement for your review and consideration which may change by Jan 1 2017. If it does, we will include the updated version here.


Click Here to View the current Buyer Brokerage Agreement PDF


Although this is a radical change from the past practises of the buyer / agent relationship where there was no mandatory, legally binding contract constituting the formal relationship between a buyer and an agent other than an acknowledgement of you recieving a copy of the brochure " Working with a Realtor" until an offer had been written.


We would suggest that the prudent thing to do before signing any legally binding ageement, including the Buyer Brokerage Agreement is to review all of the aspects of it in detail with your lawyer and seek their advice and have a clear understanding as to your responsibilities and that of the agent so as to avoid any misunderstandings going forward in a Buyer Brokerage Agreement.


Although at this point, we cannot offer any advice to you regarding this document, keep in mind and most certainly discuss it with your lawyer, who you will need to complete any property purchase, the many aspects that could be included in this document by the buyer agent, such as an example, if you agree, the agent has the option & will not be obligated to show you any properties that are offering them as your buyer agent, a commission of anything less than 2.5% or 3% or whatever the agent has determained and input in the agreement.


Although this may seem reasonable for the time & effort the agent has incurred in helping you, the alternative is that you may not be able to view the many properties that are offering a buyer agent commission less than what may be stipulated in the agreement.


As an example, if you want to view a property that is only offering a 2% buyer agent commission and you feel that the property matches all of your criteria, your buyer agent may not be obligated to show it to you and has the option of not mentioning it or showing it to you depending on what you may have agreed to in the agreement.


Another option the buyer agent has is to say that they will show it to you on the understanding stipulated in the agreement that if the seller will not negotiate the required stipulated & agreed upon buyer agent commission in your signed Buyer Brokerage Agreement, that you as the buyer, may have to pay the short fall of the stipulated buyer agent commission directly to the buyer agents brokerage yourself.


Keep in mind that all commissions are negotiable, there is no set commission standard in NS except for what you agree to in writing. Make sure you review and discuss all of the details in the Buyer Brokerage Agreement with your agent and as well, as with all legally binding contracts, we highly reccomend that you seek legal advice before signing.


At Flat Rate Realty Canada we will show you all available properties for sale in your price range and desired area, regardless whether they are MLS listed properties or For Sale By Owner Properties. We are not concerned at all what the buyers agent commission or fee is on MLS® listed properties and we will negotiate our buyer agent fee directly with the seller if the property happens to be a For sale By Owner property.


Your happiness and satisfaction is our only priority.


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A Flat Rate Realty Canada real estate agent can help you with all information or viewing requests on any property that is listed on the MLS®, Any For Sale By Owner listing, not just our own listings, contact us anytime with the address or the MLS® nunber and we would be happy to help you.


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