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About Us

Linda Clarke 

Real Estate Broker / Owner

We are a group of Experienced, Committed & Passionate Owners, Real Estate Brokers and Real Estate Agents who have taken advantage of the new opportunities that have being created by the advent of the Internet and recent rule changes in the Real Estate Industry.


We have long recognized that the "One size fits all" models of the past are no longer applicable. We have carefully designed our different low cost, MLS® Full Service discount commission rate & flat rate MLS business models to meet the needs of all our customers.


At the same time we have eliminated expensive outdated procedures & processes that may have worked & added value in the past but are no longer relevent in todays marketplace.

The result is that we can offer you our new & unique, Low Cost, Affordable, MLS® Full Service Discount Real Estate Rate and Flat Fee MLS programs that can save you thousands of dollars in discount real estate commission fees, as well as offer you the same effective MLS services that traditional Full Service companies offer but at a fraction of the cost that traditional companies charge.


We offer our Low, Full Service MLS Real Estate Discount Commission rate & Flat Fee MLS® services to all homeowners within the HRM, including Halifax Central, Halifax South, Halifax North, Halifax West, Fairmont, Clayton Park, Rockingham, Fairview, Sryfield, Armdale / Purcells Cove, Herring Cove, Harrietsfield, Sambro, Halibut Bay, Dartmouth Downtown, Woodside, Eastern Passage, Cow Bay, Southdale, Manor Park, Crichton Park, Albro Lake, Montebello, Port Wallace, Keystone, Forest Hills, Colby, Woodlawn, Portland Estates, Portland Hills, Nantucket, Bedford, Hammonds Plains, Kingswood, Haliburton Hills, Sackville, Middle Sackville, Upper Sackville, Beaverbank, Waverley, Fall River, Oakfield, Timberlea, Prospect, St Margarets Bay, Elmsdale, Lawrencetown, Porters Lake, Lake Echo.


Many of our high commission competitors like to tell you that you get what you pay for, and in this case they are 100% correct, we offer the same valuable and important MLS® services that you would receive from them, the only difference being that at the conclusion of the sale of your property, you walk away Saving Thousands of Dollars of your hard earned home equity thanks to our Low Cost, Affordable MLS® Discount Real Estate Commission Rate and Flat Fee MLS® business models.


Thanks for dropping by and please contact us at any time with any questions and inquiries you may have.


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Cell: Call or Text: 902-452-5725


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